Filing Japanese Trademarks Online Quote Generator

Please follow the below steps and press “Calculate” to obtain a quick cost estimate for filing your trademarks in Japan

Step 1. Please have a trademark application filed in a country other than Japan on hand

Note: If you do not have a trademark application or a trademark registration on hand, you may not be able to enter correct values below for the calculations.

Step 2. Does the mark include drawings, symbols, or graphic letters?


Step 3. Is there a deadline for this application?

Time left until the deadline:

(An additional charge is applied when the deadline is within a week.)

Step 4. If you know in what international or Japanese classifications the goods or services you wish to register belong, please enter the number of international classifications where your mark belongs.

Note: If you are not sure, enter a number anyway, and answer the following questions. Also, you may use the search system of the Japanese Patent Office.

Step 5. Would you like a trademark search conducted before filing?


If Yes:
Please choose the type of the trademark search you need:
For texts only
For drawings only
For both texts and drawings
When would you like the results? Days allowed for trademark search:

Step 6. Would you like to claim a Paris Convention priority right?


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