Keisen’s Senior Partner to Give Talk at Science Conference

Biotool and Bioinformatics are two emerging fields in the area of Bio-IT. They integrate Life Science with Computer Science and are predicted experience a tremendous surge in the future. As the fields grow, so too will the need to protect new inventions in this fields. IP strategizing will become more and more important in this respect. Kyushu’s IP Strategy Seminar at the Bio-IT Sciences Convention is being held in order to disseminate information to industry, academic and governmental circles to help the advancement of these two emerging fields. Keisen Associates’ Senior partner, and Japanese Patent Attorney, Taro Yaguchi presented a talk at the seminar entitled, “The Current State of Global IP Strategies in the Integrated Fields of Bio-IT Sciences.” The Seminar took place October 27, 2006 at the Kyushu International Techno Fair ICT 2006. Other papers presented that day at the conference were:

“The State of Academic/Industrial Cooperation in the field of Biological Sciences at the Kyushu Institute of Technology” by A. Nishino, Vice Dean of Kyushi Institute of Technology

“Technology Strategy Map and Diagnostic Technology in the Life Sciences” by Furukawa Zenki, Department of Bio-Technology and Medical Technology Development, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

“Company Research Status” by (TBA), Fujitsu Kyushu System Engineering, Inc.

(Posted on October 18, 2007

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