New Chief Judge of the IP High Court Installed

Presiding Judge Misao Shimizu of Japan’s Intellectual Property High Court became its sixth presiding Chief Judge in January 2017. The Hon. Shimizu’s Inaugural Remarks are available on the IP High Court’s website.[1]

Japan instituted the IP High Court, connected to the Tokyo High Court, as the high court to specifically deal with IP litigation in April of 2005. Although other appellate courts in Japan are distributed regionally, the highly technical nature of patent litigation led to the centralization of patent-related appeals within the IP High Court. The IP High Court incorporates a Grand Panel to provide consistency in decisions and specialized technical advisers, in pursuit of its aim to improve IP and prosecution in Japan.[2] Its case oversight includes “suits against appeal/trial decisions made by JPO” and “appeals from district courts in civil cases.” [3]

Amid a dynamic world economy and the complications of globalization, Japan continues seeking better technology. It is hoped that, as Chief Judge Shimizu aims, the IP High Court may make good and transparent decisions, benefiting the owners of intellectual property worldwide.[4]


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