Keisen Associates is specially situated to help you reach the markets in Japan with patents for your inventions. International clients can communicate with the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and Japanese courts through our Philadelphia office as well as our Tokyo office. Our Japanese practice group in the Philadelphia office is the largest one outside Japan, equipped to process and file your inventions promptly. Our Philadelphia and Tokyo offices cooperate to provide timely results even in urgent cases. We can serve you from pre-filing investigations and searches to PCT national phases and Paris Convention applications, on to registration of patent rights and litigation before Japanese courts.

Even if you fear that your case’s filing deadline is past, or if it has been rejected by the JPO, we may be able to work with you to seek reinstatement or appeal for reconsideration, so please contact us before you give up on your case in Japan. Our technical staff can handle your specifications and other legal documents in-house. Our attorneys, agents and other specialists are knowledgeable in both Japanese patent law as well as a broad range of disciplines, such as the mechanical, electrical, computer, chemical, and biological fields. Skilled in both English and Japanese, they can prepare clear, precise, and standardized Japanese documents for a more expedient prosecution and examination process. Our language support also includes reviewing Japanese document production, translation of English and Japanese documents, arbitration support, expert witness in Japanese law, and expert witness referrals.

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Foreign Statements Weighed for Estoppel by Japan’s IP High Court

In a possibly consequential decision, the IP High Court overturned the Tokyo District Court’s infringement case decision against Debiopharm International S.A., judging that plaintiff Nichi-Iko’s patent No. 4430229 was not infringed. What was important about the decision was that the…
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Proper Formatting for Translations and Content Submitted to the JPO

Q. I have ready a Japanese translation for my application; can I have Keisen submit the translation as it is? A. In short, No. Generally speaking, a translation provided by an applicant cannot be filed as it is in Japan…
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JPO Expands Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Connections with South America

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) continues to expand its Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) network with pilot programs initiated with the National Institutes of Industrial Property (INPI) of Brazil and Argentina, respectively, from April 1, 2017. The JPO plans to start…
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Strategy for Requesting Late Filing (Reinstatement) of a Patent Application in Japan

When a patent application one wanted to file in Japan is filed late, how can the applicant win approval for late filing (Reinstatement)? They may file a Request for Reinstatement. In Due Care and Late Filing (Reinstatement) of an Application…
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Due Care and Late Filing (Reinstatement) of an Application in Japan

Is it possible to reinstate a lapsed application in Japan? This is a question we are asked frequently at Keisen. The short answer is, Yes! It certainly is possible. The longer answer is that, although it is possible, the standards…
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Patent Application Grace Periods: Non-Japanese Inventors, Prior Disclosure, and Protecting Rights in Japan

What If I Disclose My Invention Before Applying for Patent Rights? Patent applications have to be filed before a prior art disclosure in Japan. But what if the disclosure is the inventor’s own? Can he lose novelty against his own…
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