The last minute PCT national phase entry into Japan

The JPO’s Internet filing system came into effect in 2005. The system makes it possible for International applicants to file patent, trademark and design applications via the Internet from anywhere in the world.
Keisen Associates has adopted this Internet filing system since it was first released, thereby enhancing our capabilities to handle urgent, last minute cases via our Philadelphia Office.
However, there are U.S. clients who tend to make their decision at the last U.S. minute, forgetting that there is a 13-hour difference (summer time) between Japan and the East Coast of the United States. Thus if a deadline falls on Monday morning Japan time, an EST Monday morning instruction by a client is too late to act upon. Japan does not make exceptions or allow extensions regarding the 30 months deadline for the Japanese national phase entry.
However, something may still be done! To find out how we can be of help, please contact us at our Philadelphia office. For more information, write us at, or call 1-215-701-6349.

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