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Keisen means "spring of blessings" in Japanese. We, Keisen Associates, aim to be a wellspring of legal services for all matters of Japanese intellectual property law.
Keisen Associates (formerly Omori & Yaguchi) is a Tokyo-based Japanese intellectual property law firm with an office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We offer a broad range of Japanese and international legal support in patent, design, and trademark law. Our services include including prior art searches, in-house technical translations, international licensing, and legal consultation for business development and technology transfer in Japan. Our highly skilled attorneys and patent agents are supported by a team of technical advisers, translators, and administrative staff who are fluent in English. We are delighted to provide our clients with seamless, efficient, and cost-effective service that flows into all areas of intellectual property protection in Japan.

Japan’s IP News


JASRAC Faces Criticism for New Copyright Measures for Music Schools

While Asian countries are often seen as loose on copyright infringement, the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) is known for being strict, even (some would say) overbearing with those who perform music that is covered…
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JPO’s Updated Extension Guidelines Provides Second-Chance, Post-Deadline Extension

Missed the first deadline for an Office Action response? Since the Revision to Japanese Patent Law effective from April 2016, the JPO has modified rules for extending the deadline for responding to Pre-Appeal Office Actions*, both minor and major. Of…
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Proper Formatting for Translations and Content Submitted to the JPO

Q. I have ready a Japanese translation for my application; can I have Keisen submit the translation as it is? A. In short, No. Generally speaking, a translation provided by an applicant cannot be filed as it is in Japan…
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JPO Expands Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Connections with South America

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) continues to expand its Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) network with pilot programs initiated with the National Institutes of Industrial Property (INPI) of Brazil and Argentina, respectively, from April 1, 2017. The JPO plans to start…
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Strategy for Requesting Late Filing (Reinstatement) of a Patent Application in Japan

When a patent application one wanted to file in Japan is filed late, how can the applicant win approval for late filing (Reinstatement)? They may file a Request for Reinstatement. In Due Care and Late Filing (Reinstatement) of an Application…
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Due Care and Late Filing (Reinstatement) of an Application in Japan

Is it possible to reinstate a lapsed application in Japan? This is a question we are asked frequently at Keisen. The short answer is, Yes! It certainly is possible. The longer answer is that, although it is possible, the standards…
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Disclosure Grace Periods: Does the JPO Allow Patents for Prior Disclosures by the Inventor?

What If I Disclose My Invention Before Applying for Patent Rights? Patent applications have to be filed before a prior art disclosure in Japan. But what if the disclosure is the inventor’s own? Can he lose novelty against his own…
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New Chief Judge of the IP High Court Installed

Presiding Judge Misao Shimizu of Japan’s Intellectual Property High Court became its sixth presiding Chief Judge in January 2017. The Hon. Shimizu’s Inaugural Remarks are available on the IP High Court’s website.[1] Japan instituted the IP High Court, connected to…
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