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pixabay_finger-1648573_1920Global enterprises need to work with cultural and linguistic nuances in order to make clear, informed decisions on how they will develop and promote their intellectual property rights—not only for individual applications but also to expand markets and negotiate in international business and legal cultures. At Keisen Associates, we collaborate with our clients not only to prosecute applications for IP rights, but also to enable them to engage and expand effectively in Japan’s market before and after filing, through expert search services. Our in-house researchers utilize online databases from relevant industries and the press, as well as journals and other technical publications, to conduct prior art, market clearance, and legal status searches. We also investigate the archives of the Japan Patent Office to provide legal status information on registered, expired, and pending patents and trademarks.


As one of the few native Japanese IP law offices in the U.S., our Philadelphia office is uniquely staffed to assist our clients personally concerning the complex rules of Japanese intellectual property law. Our professionals stay current on trends and regulations that affect the protection of innovations in Japan. Aside from consultations, we also prepare expert opinions on prior art and patent validity and infringement assessments, in collaboration with our attorneys in Tokyo, for our clients.

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