Cost Estimate for PCT National Phase Entries


Please follow the below steps to obtain a quick cost estimate of preparing translations and filing for national phase entry in Japan, South Korea and/or China. Please click “Calculate” to see the estimate. Please note that the international application estimate only works for applications filed in English.

Step 1: Select Countries for Estimate

If you retain us to have national phase filed in two or more of the countries below, we will apply a 10% discount to our service fees of the selected countries.

South Korea

Step 2: Select the total number of pages in the international application, including the abstract, the claims and the specification

Step 3: Enter the total number of words including the title of the invention, the claims and the specification

Step 4: Select the total number of claims

Step 5: Select the number of drawings in the specification

Step 6: Select the number of formulas (e.g. mathematical or chemical) and tables in the specification

Step 7: Select the number of days left until the 30-Month Deadline

The 30-month deadline is the date 30 months from the earliest priority application’s filing date, listed under Priority Date in the PCT publication.



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