Details on Keisen Formatting Fees

Generally speaking, a Japanese translation prepared by a translator cannot be filed as it is in the Japan Patent Office(JPO) because the submission needs to meet the precise formatting requirements laid out by the JPO. Because of this, additional labor and costs at Keisen are required.

1. Specification Formatting for the JPO

The Japanese specification needs to be presented in the format specified by the JPO (this includes paragraph numbering). It may not be submitted in MS Word or PDF format, but rather must be submitted as an XML file that properly embeds any figures or other images. This involves embedding by reference separately prepared image files, as well as preparing those image files in acceptable format.

Therefore, it is not feasible simply to submit a translation like a Word/PDF file as a document; reformatting by JPO standards and embedding of links to the prepared image files is necessary for filing.

2. Figure, Table, and Formula Formatting

As mentioned above, figures, tables, and formulas need to be embedded into the XML-formatted specification.

Each image needs to be a separate file. (A MS Word file with the images embedded will not work.) The allowable format and size of the embedded images depend on where in the XML file they are embedded.

Only PNG, GIF, BMP, and JPEG are acceptable file formats. The first three of these formats must be in binarized black-or-white expressions. Photographs and other shaded images can use grayscale (gradation of black to white) only if in JPEG format. Also, only precisely 200 dpi, 300 dpi, or 400 dpi resolutions are accepted for these files. The size of each file also must be set precisely (for 200 dpi, 1338×2007 dots; for 300 dpi, 2007×3011 dots; for 400 dpi, 2677×4015 dots). For example, Keisen Associates, when able, adjusts for maximum resolution by making images into BMP files at 400 dpi / 2677×4015 dots.

3. Uploading to the JPO’s Internet Application Software

Finally, Keisen needs to upload the XML file through the JPO’s Internet Application software so that the XML file properly incorporates the specification and images for submission. An error will occur even if a small issue with resolution of images is found.

Because it is very difficult for one untrained in the formatting process to prepare an acceptable XML file, we at Keisen need to spend time on formatting and converting a raw translation and any other content for submission.

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