The Japan Patent Office (JPO) announcement regarding The 2011 Off The Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake

The Japan Patent Office announced that the 2011 Off The Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake officially qualifies for the measures defined in Article 2, Section 1 of the Act on Special Measures Concerning the Preservation of Rights and Interests of Victims of Specified Disasters. Accordingly, the following measures will apply:

For deadlines with non-statutory periods

For response to Office Action, tile an response along with an petition explaning for the reason of delay as soon as the reasons for the delay cease to exist.

For deadlines with statutory periods

In the following procedures, where a person intending to file an application or request is unable to file said application/request within the time limit as provided in the appropriate rules, said person may file the request within 14 days (in the case of an overseas resident, within two months) from the date on which the reasons ceased to exist, prior to the lapse of six months from the expiration of the defined time limit.

  1. Request for Examination
  2. Patent applications based on utility model registration
  3. Restoration of patent, utility model and industrial design right by late payment of patent fees
  4. Request for trial
  5. Request for correction
  6. Request for withdrawal of trial,
  7. and more
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