Services for Foreign Clients

Through Keisen Associates’ Philadelphia Liaison Office, we offer our foreign clients a broad range of Japanese and international legal support in the areas of patent, design, and trademark law. Our services include drafting and translating Japanese specifications, conducting patentability, and infringement searches, assisting in preparing opinions, and representing clients in infringement and other litigation cases. In addition, we manage our clients’ IP portfolios as a patent and trademark administrator, as well as provide foreign companies legal business consultation and technology transfer support in Japan. Keisen’s mission is to help clients acquire Japanese IP protection as quickly and cost effectively as possible. With our U.S. offices in Philadelphia and New York, and our fully Americanized and bi-lingual professionals and staff, we aim to streamline the Japanese IP prosecution process with the language, cultural and time zone barriers that often get in the way. Just give us a call and our team of highly skilled attorneys, patent agents, and technical advisors will work closely with you to provide a tailored service that best meets your individual’s IP strategies and needs.

Patents, Trademarks & Designs

Our foreign clients can choose to file either a Japanese trademark or patent application through our Philadelphia or New York offices. From the Japanese national stage filling to the granting of IP rights, we will promptly process your instructions and inquiries. Our U.S. offices work in conjunction  with our Tokyo office for a timely turn-around even in the most urgent cases. Before you abandon your application, please contact us to see how we can assist you in some way. Another area of expertise is our technical translation of specifications and other legal documents. If you currently have another Japanese patent agency working on your application, you might be experiencing problems of inconsistencies in terminology. Keisen’s lawyers, along with their staff, are knowledgeable in both Japanese patent law as well as a broad range of disciplines in the field of technology and science. They can help standardize the language for a more expedient prosecution process

Intellectual Property Searches

At Keisen, we provide expert search services in intellectual property-related matters. Our in-house researchers utilize online databases from industry and media, as well as journals and other technical publications, to provide prior art, market clearance and legal status searches, among others. We also investigate the archives of the Japan Patent Office to provide legal status information on registered, expired, or pending patents and trademarks. In addition to the above, we also offer trademark watches and other legal search services. The appearance of your design sets it apart from the rest and creates value that needs to be protected. Our Philadelphia and Japanese offices will work together to carry out identical or similar design searches and prepare and prosecute every aspect of protecting your design portfolio.

Inquiries and Opinions

As one of a handful of native Japanese IP affiliates in the U.S., the lawyers in our Philadelphia office are in a unique position to provide in-person assistance to our clients on the complex and intricate rules and regulations of  Japanese intellectual property law. Our professionals also stay abreast of new trends and regulations that govern the protection of innovations and ideas. Aside from consultations, they also prepare expert opinions on prior art, patent validity and infringement assessments for our clients in collaboration with our attorneys in Tokyo and Osaka .

Litigation and Japanese Language Support in the U.S.

Keisen provides a broad range of Japanese litigation and language support to law firms and legal professionals in the U.S. We believe that a successful multicultural litigation strategy involves, not only obtaining a word-for-word translation of evidence, but also the evaluation of  evidence under the proper cultural context. Our highly qualified bilingual professionals can assist your firm to bridge the cultural gap and generate a successful outcome. Our team of legal professionals includes Japanese patent attorneys, Japanese attorneys at law, and U.S. patent agents with Ph.D. We provide support in patent and intellectual property litigations, contract disputes, as well as discovery, and depositions. Our language support includes reviewing Japanese document production, translation of English and Japanese documents, arbitration support, expert witness in Japanese law, and expert witness referrals. We have clients in the mid-Atlantic region, New York, Maryland, and Washington D.C. areas.

Litigation in Japan

At Keisen, we are experienced in enforcing intellectual property rights by means of litigation in all major areas of intellectual property law. In particular, our lawyers are experienced in international patent litigation, and have the knowledge to support our foreign clients if such law suits should ensue. When representing non-Japanese clients, it is paramount for attorneys to be skilled communicators. An accurate conveyance of the client’s concerns to the courts requires legal expertise as well as a thorough understanding of the cultural differences that exist. Our professionals have the experience and the know-how on both accounts. Our services include patent infringement, opposition, and invalidity trials, among others.

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