The JPO adopts the 10th Edition of Nice Classification

The Japan Patent Office has decided to adopt the 10th Edition of the International Classification of the Nice Agreement from January 1, 2012. Accordingly, the Examination Guideline of Similar Goods and Services issued by the Japan Patent Office has also been revised.

The primary changes are as follows:
(1) Changes of the classes
【Class 5】
• The description “Dietary Supplements” is accepted.
• The similar group code of “pharmaceutical preparations” is divided into the two similar group codes: “for agricultural purposes” (01B01) and “for non-agricultural purposes” (01B02).
• “Diapers” is classified in Class 5 regardless of quality of material and intended purposes.
【Class 9】
• “Game programs” is categorized in Class 9.
• The similar group code of “electronic machines, apparatus and their parts” is divided into two similar group codes: 11C01 and 11C02.
【Class 28】
• “Arcade video game machines” and “home video game machines” are moved from Class 9 to Class 28.
【Class 30】
• “Sandwiches” is categorized under “Confectionery, bread and buns.”
• “Pasta sauce” is moved from Class 29 to Class 30.
【Class 32】
• The similar group code of “vegetable juices [beverages]” becomes the same as the one of “carbonated drinks [refreshing beverages]” and “non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages.”

The 10th edition has entered into force on January 1, 2012.

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