Translation of English into Japanese

The most important thing to recognize is that the English and Japanese languages are considerably different from each other. These two languages are far more different than Americans typically think they are.
Also, just like patent specifications in English, Japanese patent specifications require a very specific writing style and better language skills than those of a normal Japanese. A simple translation is not good enough and, in itself, would become a reason for rejection.
For these reasons, Japanese patent specifications need to be prepared by patent attorneys or engineers with patent knowledge who understand the invention.
In order for Japanese patent attorneys to prepare better written documents, they have to have enough time for the preparation and plenty of materials to help understand the invention.
We believe that better Japanese writing saves the overall cost for obtaining the patent right even with a higher than normal application filling cost. So, we are planning to facilitate better communications with the applicants in the following ways.
First, we have established a liaison office, Omori & Yaguchi USA LLC, in Philadelphia to eliminate the time difference between the U.S. and Japan. Second, we will use our telephone or television conference system to eliminate the distance. And third, our Japanese patent attorney will visit companies and factories to better understand the inventions.

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