Detailed Cost Estimate For JP National Entry

Your PCT International Application

– Application Number:
– Earliest Priority Date:
– 30 Month Deadline:
– Translation Provided by:

Total Cost (total of 1 to 3 below): US$ 2160

1 . National Phase Entry into Japan Without a Japanese Translation

30-month filing deadline:

Our Basic Fee US$610
Rush Fee US$
JPO Official fee US$140
Total for National Phase Entry US$750

2. Preparation and Filing of Japanese Translation

Translation filing deadline: 2 months after the filing date of the National Phase Entry

These fees are estimated based upon the assumption that your PCT application contains (in English) about words, 0 drawings, formulas/tables, and sequence listings.

Basic Translation Formatting and Filing Fee* US$1,110
Translation Fee US$0
Image (Drawing, Formula, and/or Table) Formatting Fee* US$0
Sequence Listing(s) Formatting Fee* US$0
Total for Filing Translation US$1110

* Please see here regarding the costs for formatting when submitting a translation to the JPO.

3. Other Fees

Submission of General Power of Attorney (for new clients) US$
Receiving and reporting Application Number Notice from JPO US$120
Reporting a copy of the Applicant’s ID No. Notice US$
Watching, obtaining and reporting JPO publication of the application US$100

Please note that this estimate is subject to change depending on various factors, such as if there is additional prior art disclosures, additional embodiments or claim amendments, any change in official fees, or other economic factors (including the exchange rates).

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