Detailed Cost Estimate For JP National Entry

Your PCT International Application

  • Application Number:
  • Earliest Priority Date:
  • 30 Month Deadline/12 Month Deadline:
  • Translation Provided by:

Total Cost (total of 1 to 3 below): US$2160

1 . Filing of PCT application without a Japanese translation

30-month filing deadline:

Our Basic Fee US$610
Rush Fee US$
JPO Official fee US$140
Total for National Phase Entry US$750

2. Preparation and filing of Japanese translation

Translation filing deadline: 2 months after the filing date of the application

These fees are estimated based upon the assumption that your PCT application contains (in English) about words, drawings, formulas/tables, and sequence listings.

Our basic translation formatting and filing fee US$1,110
Translation Fee US$0
Drawing, Formula, and/or Table JPO-appropriate preparation fee US$0
Sequence Listing(s) JPO-appropriate formatting fee US$0
Total for Filing Translation US$1110

3. Other fees

Submission of General Power of Attorney (incurred only if you are a new client) US$
Receiving and reporting Application Number Notice from JPO US$120
Reporting a copy of the Applicant’s ID No. Notice US$
Watching, obtaining and reporting JPO publication of the application US$180

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