Japan Trademark Filing Estimate Results

Our estimate for filing your trademark application in Japan is:

US$$950 and up

(This figure takes into account the costs of filing only, including filing fees, translation charges, and JPO official fees. costs as of October, 2017)
This cost estimate is the total cost at the time of filing including official fees to JPO. Please be advised that an extra cost for revising design marks to conform to JPO regulations may be incurred at the time of filing Design trademark applications.

This estimate is based only on the information entered on the previous page, and may substantially change depending on various factors, such as if there is additional prior art disclosures, additional embodiments or claim amendments, any change in official fees, or other economic factors (including the exchange rates). Additionally, this estimate is provided based on Keisen Associates independent fee schedule, and cannot be compared to any other prices or fees of any other firm or representative. 

(If you have a separate written agreement with us, the terms given therein affect our estimate. Please refer to your agreement if you have one.)

If you would like a case-specific quote for your trademarks, please contact us using the following form.

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