Our cost estimate for filing your provided translation with JPO

To calculate the cost more precisely, please go back to the previous page to enter at least the number of words to be translated.

Our cost estimate for filing your provided Japanese translation for your PCT application is from US$765 to US$945. This includes all relevant formatting fees for filing the translation. JPO formatting regulations are very strict. Even if you provide us with the translation, we still need to review and format the translation and figures to ensure compliance with the JPO’s formatting requirements.

Also, please keep in mind that sometimes a short-term gain can be a long-term loss. Patent translation, specifically translation of a specification, abstract, and claims, is quite different from an ordinary translation or localization; it requires a good understanding of patent prosecution. Poor translations are much more likely to generate more Office Actions and cost you substantially more down the line.

For your reference, for the purpose of comparison, a cost estimate for preparing Japanese translation at Keisen and filing the same with JPO is from US$1700 to US$2100.

Moving Ahead?

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Need more time?

If you have not decided whether or not to proceed further in Japan with your case, or if you would like to reduce your initial expenses, you can enter your PCT application into the Japanese National Phase in English first and wait up to two months to file the translation.


If you would like to have a more precise cost estimate, please contact us at usmail@keisenassociates.com and let us see the Japanese translation you have.

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